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About Us

The South Bend Medical Foundation has provided laboratory care to individuals since 1912. Aiding the care of patients in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois, the Foundation has always helped individuals with doctor's orders for laboratory testing and we've billed insurance companies when needed.

How it works

With the change in healthcare programs in late 2013, we decided that it was time to offer affordable rates, convenient service and accurate lab testing to individuals who are taking control of their health. This led to the offering of Direct Access Testing at The South Bend Medical Foundation. Whether you have catastrophic health coverage, high deductibles or are without insurance at all, our certified and accredited laboratory is ready to help you.

It’s an easy process. You don't need a doctor's order or insurance to order lab work at the Foundation. All you have to do is pick out the test you would like to order, pay the price that is listed for the test; have the specimen collected at one of our patient service locations and look up your results online.